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The Prodigy...

Welcome to my site!

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to this site. This site will include everything I know about A.R.Rehman.

"This is the first time I have invited another composer to write a musical for the stage,he (A.R.Rehman) is one of the most exciting young composers of our time".

"A.R.Rehman is simply brilliant. What you might possibly call the best. His work is very different, very unusual and he himself is such a simple and humble guy that it would be a pleasure for us to work with him. He will bring a different kind of flavour to a musical production in the West".

Andrew Lloyd Webber


Dilip has helped me so much playing keyboards when I did my very first recording in the 80s  

Dilip has helped me so much playing keyboards when I did my very first recording in the 80s. Dilip and I have been very good friends then and we have performed together in many programs. I still remember Dilip as a ‘kid’ performing in the ‘Soviet Cultural Auditorium’ in Madras and I was one among the audience who were thrilled with his talents in handling multiple keyboards at the same time. I feel honored performing with Dilip in the ‘Music Academy’ on the birthday celebrations of Sri.S.P.Balasubrahmanyam.

I take this opportunity to thank Dilip for all the help that I’ve received from Dilip.

Are you wondering what is all this about ‘Dilip’ and who is ‘Dilip’?

‘A.S.Dilipkumar’ of the most popular band ‘the aristocrats’ in the 80s - is none other than the ‘Greatest Composer’ Sri.A.R.Rahman!

Please log in, to learn more about this great composer!

Kibosh - ThE GeNeRaTiOn MuSiC

Lead Guitar: Jai
Drums: Prakash
Vocal :Arun & Madan

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